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Setting up your public webspace

2007-07-20 @ 00:01, Screencasts, Jeremy, Comments

Public access web pages are available for all Northumbria students. They are managed by Northumbria Learning Ltd., and so are usually called numyspace.

There are three steps to using numyspace:

  1. Find your username and password for numyspace
  2. Transferring files to your public webspace
  3. Setting up mysql on numyspace

Finding your passwords

2007-01-01 @ 00:01, Category, My name, Comments

Northumbria Learning provide a web based management system for webspace that is called 'e-tools'. This video shows how you can use e-tools to get your username and password on nl-webpace


Transferring files to numyspace

2007-01-01 @ 00:01, Category, My name, Comments

This video demonstrates how to transfer your web pages to numyspace. The video starts by assuming that you have the username and password from the previous video. Next you create the appropriate folders and transfer web pages into these.


Using mysql on numyspace

2007-01-01 @ 00:01, Category, My name, Comments

The mysql database is often used in conjunction with your web pages. This video shows how to set up and transfer data to a mysql database on numyspace using the web interface on e-tools.

Your tutor will need to request your account be enabled for mysql.



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